Drummoyne Community Centre Incorporated Constitution

Includes changes approved at Annual General Meeting 14 September 2012  
Registered by NSW Department of Fair Trading 9 October 2012


(1) Vision
A safe, inclusive community which enables all its residents to share a vibrant cultural life.

(2) Mission
To identify and respond to the needs of the City of Canada Bay community through programs, services, partnerships and community building activities.

(3) Objects
(a) To provide the Drummoyne district and surrounding areas with a Neighbourhood Centre, which is a non-profit, welfare, charitable and benevolent organization meeting the needs of people in the community.

(b) To encourage the involvement and support of the community in the Centre's activities and in the solution of community problems.

(c) To develop programs and services for people in the community of all ages and circumstances; particularly, for the relief of distress, suffering, misfortune and helplessness.

(d) To establish, maintain contact and collaborate with other groups providing community services and to co-operate in exploring ways of meeting community needs and furthering social capital.

(e) To respond flexibly to changing community needs using a range of strategies including:

(i) An information and referral point for all area services.
(ii) Adult and community education programs.
(iii) Self-help support groups.
(iv) Volunteer program opportunities to participate in community activities.
(v) Social and welfare support programs.
(vi) A Centre where residents meet either formally or informally to participate in community activity.