How we are run

DCC has a Community Management Committee consisting of 8 to 11 members who are elected each year from the Centre membership. The committee consists of local people interested in providing their skills and time to oversee the management of services, classes, groups and projects of the organization. In addition there are two representatives from the City of Canada Bay Council on the Management Committee.

There are also two subcommittees of the Management Committee. They are:

  • Finance
  • Events

A small team of part-time paid staff works alongside around 70 volunteer workers to ensure the effectiveness of DCC programs.

The 2018-19 Management Committee consists of:

President Cathy Scanlan
Vice President Ann Koutts
Treasurer Kirsten Liljeqvist
Secretary Joan Wright
Public Officer Patricia Purcell
Members Adele Henty, Elsa Hill


Additionally there are two City of Canada Bay Council representatives. Cr Julia Little representing the Mayor and Sally Anderson-Day representing the General Manager.