Saturday 22 September, 2pm to 3:30pm

This is a one off workshop. The program is for:

  • First time dads (including expectant dads)
  • Dads who want to be more involved
  • Busy dads who want to make a difference
  • Busy dads with limited time
  • Dads who want hands-on practical information
  • Dads who have questions they want answered about being a dad.

What will you gain by attending this workshop?

  • How to effectively settle a baby and feel confident doing it
  • The important life skills babies learn from their dads
  • Lots of practical hands-on techniques
  • You will gain greater confidence and belief in your ability as a dad
  • Tips on how to stay calm when you're really not sure what to do
  • An introduction to Infant Massage - learn how to give baby a foot massage
  • The benefits of Baby Yoga - how you can work on your abs while helping baby with tummy time (we just don't talk about it, you will actually do it in class)
  • One thing you can do for your partner that will mean more than chocolates or flowers.

This workshop is intended for dads with their babies up to 12 months. Bookings essential. Fee program.

Below are some of the dads' comments from the October 2015 workshop:

“I was unsure about attending due to having an unconsolable baby. I found out very quickly that it was a great opportunity to learn how to settle the "unconsolable baby". I loved the practical games / techniques / nursery rhymes and found it very powerful learning about asking for permission before massaging my baby. Should be a compulsory class for all dads (actually all parents).”

“I was skeptical about attending but my wife enrolled me! The class offered great exercises and great games, a very enjoyable class from beginning to end. All dads need to attend.”

"I learnt a wealth of information on what I can do with my daughter, correct position for tummy time and how to settle. All dads should attend as too many classes focus on only the mum."