With City of Canada Bay Council (CCBC)

CCBC is a major partner and funder of DCC. The building at 10 Cometrowe Street, Drummoyne is owned by CCBC and DCC is grateful for the continuing use of part of the building for Community Centre activities. The Drummoyne Occasional Childcare Centre utilises the remainder of the building.

The strong relationship between CCBC and DCC extends with CCBC funding programs including BayRider Shuttle Bus and BayTripper, Admin Support Position, and some classes and events, along with the use of some Council facilities, eg Concord Senior Citizens Centre, new Drummoyne Oval Pavilion and Libraries to enable DCC to outreach activities throughout the City of Canada Bay Local Government area. In addition, there are two ex-officio members on the DCC Management Committee representing the Mayor and General Manager who provide valuable support and liaison with the Council.

With NSW Department of Communities & Justice (DCJ)

DCC has been funded under the Community Builders Program for some years and DJC (previously NSW Department of Family and Community Service) is also a major funder and partner of DCC. The DCJ is amalgamating a number of funding streams including Community Builders into the TEI (Targeted Earlier Intervention) Program. This new program will focus on two broad streams namely:

  • Community Strengthening Stream – activities that facilitate greater cohesion, inclusion and wellbeing of all communities and empowerment of Aboriginal communities;
  • Wellbeing and Safety Stream – activities that support families and individuals, and provide opportunities for personal development.

DCC is in the process of transitioning into this new funding stream and this will cover aspects of the Community Centre programs and some parenting and grandparenting programs.

With Resourcing Parents - Inner West Small Grants Scheme

Funding from Resourcing Parents – Inner West Small Grants Scheme has been received in the 2019-2020 in relation to certain evidence-based Parenting Programs like Circle of Security. This extends what DCC can provide to families within the community.

With Community Club Grants

Funding under Club Grants (Category 1) by local clubs has enabled a range of programs to be supported. In the 2019-2020 funding was received for a hearing system for the hall to be used for meetings and events held at the Centre. This was funded by the Canada Bay Club.

DCC acknowledges and thanks all partners involved in furthering community strengthening through DCC in the Canada Bay Area. This includes others such as Sydney Health District and Inner West Family Support who have supported particular activities in some parenting/grandparenting programs.