CHRISTMAS 2020 (Northern beaches lockdown, Sydney)


Christmas was coming,

We thought we’d have fun.

The planning, the presents,

even cooking was done.


The family would gather

from far and wide.

A day of celebration

was planned – poolside.


The planning may be done

But the virus was not.

Given a chance

It was off like a shot.


Round Sydney it ran.

The numbers kept rising.

How quickly it spread

was really surprising.


New warnings came out,

wear a mask, keep hands clean.

It’s hard to fight this enemy,

undetected, unseen.


So is Christmas off?

Will we sit home alone?

Open presents, raise glasses,

As we talk on the phone?


Let’s hope not – there’s still time

to battle our foe.

We still have ONE week – no more-

till we know.


The pool will be full.

Presents wrapped with great care.

Christmas will come,

Even if no one is there!


D Owen.