Parent Education & Support

We aim to give children and parents the best possible start

At Drummoyne Community Centre we provide support to children, parents & families. Our programs and courses for parents are all evidence-based. This means you can rely on the information and support we give because it works! We understand that the first two years set the bonding and connection for later life, we so offer many programs that will support your baby’s health and growth in those early stages of development. 

We also deliver workshops suitable for parents with older children 3-18yrs

Many of our courses are delivered by ‘baby guru’ Dympna Kennedy of Creating Balance

Dympna comes highly qualified and experienced as an early childhood educator, baby massage, and baby yoga trainer & practitioner. She is a sought-after public speaker and author of several books…. and a local parent of two!

You will love the simple yet very effective strategies that will empower you as a parent, giving you a unique insight into how children develop, learn and think.


What people are saying about us

I learned so much about how to connect with my baby and the richness that having an attachment approach to parenting can bring. It has helped me feel empowered and equipped with a framework and many tools to feel confident that I can be the bigger, stronger, wiser, and kind parent my child needs at every stage of her development”. Mum, Circle of Security course.

“Life changing! This course could save you thousands in therapy, and more importantly, provide insight and understanding into your child’s struggle with anxiety, and give you the tools and strategies and confidence to help your child overcome it” Mum, Fearless Parenting workshop.

“It was a mind-blowing workshop which I did not expect! It was so educational and helpful. I have learned so much, thank you! I have already recommended these courses to my mum’s group and my friends!” Mum, Brain Development in Children workshop.

“The exceptional facilitator created a safe and special environment for bonding and friendships to form. It was practical and relaxing at the same time… a beautiful course highly recommended for any parent and baby.” Mum, Baby Yoga Course.

At a Glance

Workshops and Courses that help you to be the best parenting team ever!

Brain Development in Children 0-5yrs (ONLINE)

6 August 2024 7:30 pm

Swedish in Sydney Playgroup (Swedish speaking)

7 August 2024 10:30 am

Circle of Security Parenting

11 September 2024 7:00 pm

Preparing for Toddlerhood (ONLINE)

12 September 2024 7:00 pm

Regular Courses

Infant Massage

Infant Massage is about connection, communication, and bonding. Parents master the skill of reading their baby’s body language, facial expressions, and subtle cues. Learn the strokes that help to relax and settle the baby. Relieve discomfort and pain associated with tummy wind, constipation, and teething.


Getting to know your baby is a 3-hour workshop, delivered on a Saturday morning, for expecting, new or existing fathers. Dads learn about baby cues and settling techniques and how to calm and bond with baby through daily activities and infant massage.

Baby Yoga

Helps with settling and sleep, strengthens the physical body, improves digestion, decreases reflux, and stimulates the senses. It also assists with the development of the baby’s brain and nervous system. It provides new opportunities for parent and baby connection and bonding while supporting the physical and emotional needs of both.

Language, Learning & Play

Language, Learning & Play explores how to make connections through language, learning, and play. We begin with ‘Helping your baby understand’, and this needs to happen first before your baby can talk. You will gain an insight into what helps your baby make sense of language and although your baby’s first word may not be until 12 months old, the preparation begins much earlier.

Preparing for the Toddler Years

Preparing for the Toddler Years is designed to help parents and carers support their children to manage their big feelings. This course gives insight into why ‘big feelings’ happen, how they are expressed, and the best responses to manage, minimise and prevent them from negatively impacting all other areas of family life.

The Circle of Security

The Circle of Security model is a ‘map’ for parents and caregivers on how to navigate parenting while juggling other demands in life. Based on fifty years of research, this program demonstrates that children with secure attachments have more confidence, compassion, resilience, and endurance. Build a secure base and strong relationship with your child.


We offer workshops throughout the year on a range of subjects important to families.

First Aid for Children

First Aid for Children is a course to train parents in recognising and responding to dangers and how to administer CPR on babies and children under 12 years of age.

Brain Development

Brain Development in Children focuses on the factors affecting brain growth and development, showing how parents can enhance early communication and learning skills at the various stages: Birth to 12 months old; 12-24 months old; 24-36 months old; 3-6 years old.

Toddlers; Tricky. Testing. Terrific

This course decodes toddler behaviours, enabling parents and carers to gain a greater insight into what is typical toddler behaviour, WHY they do what they do, WHAT parents and others can do in response, and HOW to apply the tools and techniques to gain a happier and more functional home environment that benefits everyone.

Fear-Less Triple P Parenting

Developed to help and support anxious children and their parents. High levels of anxiety and stress often result in significant distress and health problems. In addition, it can interfere with school or work performance and interpersonal relationships. Without the right tools to support your child risks of additional strain on a family’s ability to function effectively, as well as on children’s relationships with their parents and their siblings.

Engaging Adolescent

Engaging Adolescent is a workshop for parents. If you want to build a stronger relationship with your teen or pre-teen, then this course will improve communication, trust and bonding. It will help you to develop realistic expectations and tackle the difficult conversations.

Couples to Parents Program

Congratulations, baby is on its way! Transitioning from being a couple to becoming parents needs thought and planning. This course will resource you with all you need to know.